Cars R Us


It is no secret, I like to shop. It is also not a secret that my dad likes to buy cars.

Eighteen months ago we had to sell my dad’s favorite car. I do not remember the specific model of the car but it was a silver BMW and he loved it! My sister and I were not looking forward to taking the car away but in a difficult moment on the fourth of July, my dad walked to his garage and did not recognize his car. He thought someone else had parked their car in his garage and he wanted it OUT!

I felt like I was stealing something priceless as I climbed through the neighbor’s monkey grass and slipped up their driveway to retrieve the BMW. In a flash I was backing that BMW out of the driveway never to be seen by my dad again. It was a sad day.

Fast forward to March 2017 and now  I am van shopping.

The end of 2016 brought a lot of changes to our family and many of them were not changes we were excited about. After my Mom’s unexpected surgeries in November, she is no longer able to stand and pivot which is what you have to be able to do to get out of a wheelchair and into a car. Thus the shopping for a van.

My sister and I have benefited from my Dad’s love to buy cars. He bought me my first car that I shared with my sister. It was a bright and I do mean BRIGHT yellow Volkswagen bug. I learned to drive a stick shift in this bug. I used to pray that Mr. Noles would not make me stop on the hill at the entrance to Mountain Brook High School! It took me a while to perfect the stop and start with a clutch and not roll back into the car behind me. I think Mr. Noles recognized this and he always waved me through the intersection. Thank you Mr. Noles.

Then Dad bought my first grown up car when I graduated from college. It was a pearl white Oldsmobile Calais. I loved that car and drove it until I had my first child. In the past twenty years or so my Dad has treated me and my sister to a new car every few years. These new vehicles came at times when we really needed a new car but could not afford to buy one and sometimes the new cars were just a fun surprise on a beautiful Fall day.

My Dad loves to buy cars! Aren’t I lucky!

So for the last month I have been looking for a car (actually a van) for my Dad. He may not be able to drive it but he will ride in it and it is important to me that he is proud of his new vehicle.

I toyed with the idea of buying a used conversion van but I could never really picture my dad buying a used van for my mom. I told the salesman to bring me a NEW van. What do you have on your lot that is brand new and has lots of bells and whistles?

I looked high and low for the right mobility van. I had one dealer offer me a Honda Odyssey that was loaded! I drive an Odyssey so I thought this might be the one. But when the salesman said it was white I could hear my Dad telling me “Don’t get a white van. You will look like you are driving a milk truck!” I cannot get my Dad a milk truck.

Today we made the decision and the van that is going to be delivered to my dad will be something he can be proud of.

I am nervous that I might have missed something. I have gone over the list of what this van has to offer. It has leather seats, the necessary ramp and automated doors. It has the appropriate tie downs to secure the wheelchair. It is not some obscure color that will cause people to cock their head and wonder where it came from. I am pretty sure it is the complete package. Fingers crossed.

I have never bought a vehicle without my husband or my father giving it the nod. I know that sounds silly and I am sure that many women have just fallen out of their chair thinking that I am suggesting that a woman cannot buy a car all by herself. I promise I am not trying to turn back the clocks on the women’s’ revolution.

Trust me, that is not the issue. I have learned that I can do almost anything over the last two years. My sister and I have made decisions about so many health and financial issues that I think it would make most people’s’ head spin. I know our heads have been spinning at times.

I am confident.  My Dad likes to buy cars and I want to pick the car/van that he would pick if he could do this on his own.

I am confident . . . . I believe I have picked the correct one.

Delivery is a few weeks away so only time will tell if I picked the right one.

Only time will tell.



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