It Is A Good Good Day


It is a good good day! It is a good day when the University of Alabama wins a football game (Roll Tide) and it is a good day when I call my parents and my dad sounds like my dad!

I have had two great conversations with my dad recently. The first conversation was after I attended an Alabama football game in Oxford, MS. If you watched the game you know how exhausting it was. We were worn out not only because of the heat and humidity but also because of the game itself. Thankfully we walked away with a win! Last year I would have called my parents while still in the stands so they could enjoy a student led rendition of Rammer Jammer. But this year I decided to wait and call after we left the stadium.

My dad answered the phone almost immediately as if he knew it was me calling to relive the win! “How about that game,” my dad declared. How about it is right!! He watched the game on tv and knew that we had many ups and downs. He recounted the quarters where Alabama was losing to Ole Miss and he rejoiced in the final outcome – – A WIN!! RTR (Roll Tide Roll for those of you that do not understand RTR)

The only sign that something was not as it should be was my dad asking me where I was over and over again. It was a good day.

My second good conversation came this morning. I made my standard daily phone call and he answered the phone. He was totally in the present. I was hesitant to tell him why I called because I had really called to go over some financial matters with my mom. In the past, the discussion of money irritated my dad so I try not to bring banking matters up in front of him. As I have said before, I have all of his bank statements and bills come to my house.

Today, I felt like I had to come clean with my dad and tell him that I had just met with some of his bankers and I assured him that he was financially secure. I then held my breath and waited for irritation to follow suite. It did not happen! My mom actually got on the other line and the three of us talked about some financial matters. Dad had very appropriate comments and suggestions. All was good!

It was a good good day!


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