Do I have to check the box?



If you do not check the box does it make it reality?

I have a new doctor and I have to fill out the patient history portion to update my file. My first thought was, why can’t they just roll all of this forward to my new doctor. After all, I am not going to a new practice, my doctor simply retired.

I scrolled though numerous pages, recounting every pill, every surgery and then family history. It was all very mundane stuff: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, no cancer and other stuff like that. Then there was Alzheimer’s.

I hesitate at the question of Alzheimer’s in my family. I scroll down and look for dementia. Nothing.

Can I honestly say NO? We do not really know if Daddy has Alzheimer’s. We have called it dementia and I guess there is a little bit of comfort in that “d” word.

We have not been able to have specific test done because my dad cannot have certain test run that would confirm Altzheimer’s. He cannot have an MRI because he has a pacemaker and he is alergic to contrast dye, which eliminates other medical scans. So we stick with the “d” word. Is that wrong?

At times we think we want to put a true label on Dad’s illness. After all, if we know exactly what it is, we can give him medicine that will make life easier. Right? Maybe. Dad cannot take certain medicines that we have all seen advertised on tv.  It is too hard on his stomach. The side effects are not worth any benefits that might be gained from the drugs.

So it seems that we cannot use the drugs that are generally associated with the Alzheimer’s label. Does that mean we have to call it Alzheimer’s? Can we just keep calling it dementia?

Do I have to check that box on my medical history form?

I chose not to check the box. Was that the right thing to do? Maybe not but it works for me today. I plan to tell my new doctor about the dementia and if she decides to check the box, then that is her business.

I am not going to check the box. Not today.


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