Bad Moon Rising


The song  “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival has a whole new meaning when you live with a loved one with dementia! I remember hearing people say “It IS a full moon” after a crazy day. I am sure I have said the same thing after a hectic day with four small children. I might even say it now that my four children are no longer small.

Some people in the medical field will tell you that the labor and delivery floor is busier when there is a full moon. I think the same thing is true when you live with a person with dementia!

If a full moon promises crazy behavior then we were not disappointed this weekend. Dad traveled quite a bit this weekend. At one point he was in Tuscaloosa, then Mobile and today, France! Not only did he “travel” but his furniture traveled with him. AMAZING!

I took the time to Google the effects of a dementia patients and a full moon. Most studies. . and YES there are studies on this idea, believe that there is no correlation between a full moon and the human behavior. Alan M. Beck of Purdue University feels differently. Beck observed increased anxiety, wandering and aggression in many dementia patients. This is what we see in my dad during a full moon.

Whatever you believe, I think it is helpful to know that the next full moon is June 20, 2016. My sister and I will plan accordingly for this moon event. Note to self: Buy more wine! At the very least, we will make sure we are busy on June 20th!



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