I Spy Something . . .



I never know what I might get when I go see my parents. I know that my mom will be dressed for the day (most of the time, if it is after 10am) and lately, I know that I will find my dad asleep in a chair. But what I do not know is will my dad be “with the program” or will he be “goofy.”

Today my sister picked up my mom and took her to a doctor appointment. That left my dad at home with a sitter. This was a good deal for my dad because we knew the appointment would be a long one and after all, who wants to sit and wait at a doctor’s office!

Dad was right where I thought he might be . . . asleep in a chair covered up with a blanket. After I made a loud entrance so that he would wake up, he greeted me with a big smile and a familiar hello. All was good in our world.

So we had a quick visit. He dozed and I puttered about. He finally woke up and finished dressing for the day and then he asked me the strangest question.

“Do you like my black hair?” he asked.

Hmmm. Are we playing a game or does he really think his full head of gray hair is black? I just laughed and told him I thought his hair looked great but it was not black. Instead his hair was a beautiful soft shade of gray. A gray that we can all hope to achieve one day. He smiled and asked me if it was really gray.  He made a slight turn and looked again in the mirror. I wonder what he saw? Was he seeing my 87 year old dad or was he seeing a handsome man in his 30’s with smooth jet black hair. I guess he spied something black while I spied something gray.

Regardless of the color, he is handsome as ever and today he was my hero again. He might have been a bit goofy. After all, he told me that he had been looking for the fleece vest I gave him to wear (yes it is May and he wears fleece!). He told me that the vest was in the closet at his house and he is never there. Good thing I found the vest . . . It is the perfect color. Gray! Just like his hair.

I spy something gray. I wonder what my dad spies?


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