Good Friends & Good Information

I am blessed with good friends, Scratch that. I am blessed with GREAT friends. Friends that ask how my parents are and most of the time they really want to know! I have friends that I can call late at night to cry to and before you know it we are laughing. You HAVE TO LAUGH or you will cry all the time.

So here are some great facts that have been given to me over the journey. They are worth repeating so here you go:

  • Never ARGUE . . . instead, Agree
  • Never Reason . . . Instead, DIVERT
  • Never say “I told you” . . . Instead, REPEAT
  • Never SHAME. . . Instead, DISTRACT
  • Never LECTURE . . . Instead, DISTRACT
  • Never say “REMEMBER” . . . Instead, REMINISCE
  • Never think (S)HE WON’T . . . Instead, understand (S)HE CAN’T
  • Never COMMAND or DEMAND . . . Instead ASK or MODEL
  • Never CONDESCEND . . . Instead, ENCOURAGE and PRAISE
  • Never FORCE . . . Instead, REINFORCE

Never think you are alone in this journey. You will be amazed at how many of your friends are walking the same path. Find that person that will walk with you. In my case, it is my sister. THANK YOU GOD FOR GIVING ME A SISTER! We drink a lot of wine together!



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