Is it Hot in Here


Is It Hot In Here or Are Those Bunnies On The Floor?

The thermostat says 80 but dad is wearing a flannel shirt and a wool sweater and he is still cold! I read an article that my sister sent me that explained how a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s has a constantly changing brain. In some ways the brain is changing and in some ways the brain is dying. Either way the changes impact the receptors in the brain. He may or may not really be cold but regardless he THINKS he is cold. All you can do is acknowledge that he is cold, add layers to his body and turn the thermostat down so that the rest of us do not pass out from the heat.

The same article mentioned that many patients experience hallucinations. Dad has seen his mother sitting on a bench (and she has been dead for over 25 years), my great-aunt getting out of her Cadillac in front of Brookdale (we locked the doors, just in case!) and after Easter, bunnies on the floor. We do acknowledge what he thinks that he sees but we change the subject and life goes on.



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