My Parents are now My Children


One day you are raising your children in your own home and the next day you are helping your parents in their home. It is a task that I am more than happy to do for my parents after all they have done so much for me. I can never repay them for the wonderful childhood they gave me so I will not even try to even the score!

So what am I trying to do with this journal? Excellent question. I think I am just trying to put my thoughts down on “paper” and maybe they can help someone else as they take care of their parent/children.

In The Beginning:

My dad, the retired banker, is or was a master of the banking ledger! He taught me and my sister how to set-up dual ledgers to use on one bank account. Sounds crazy but it worked for me until my second child was born. Then my pregnant brain took over and I gladly surrendered our bill paying system to my husband, Thomas. It was a glorious day!

Then my dad started having a problem reconciling his bank statements each month. I did not dare tell him that I had not reconciled a bank statement in years!

At the time I thought his math errors were caused by his poor eyesight. Fives looked like sixes and Nines looked like ones. Reconciling his dual ledgers was a real nightmare. It was enough to drive a girl to drink!

So in January of 2015, I decided it was time for me to start paying the bills for my parents. This was a big step for my dad but we reached a compromise. I would continue to keep a ledger at his house – but not a double ledger – and I would keep a ledger at my house. I went to their house twice a week and we paid bills and I made sure that his ledger looked exactly like my ledger. Sometimes that was a challenge. But no wine drinking in the middle of the day!

OH! Did I mention that my Mom was in a wheelchair and needed round the clock care from sitters? There was a lot going on at my parent’s house. More than we realized.


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